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Jan 2, 2013 3:00am PST
norquist, republican lobbiest grover norquist even said the senate deal was an okay deal. he would vote for it if he were a senator, he said because republicans should still be part of it because -- this is a spin on his part because 84% of the bush tax cuts were still in place. and yet those tea party house reasoning wouldn't go along with grover norquist. we catholics say there is a problem when you are holier than the pope. well, that's the case with these house republicans. i don't know. congress is so broken i don't know how we can fix it other than in 2014 target every one of these tea party republicans with a even a responsible republican and throw out this congress. their goal is to destroy this country. arthur delaney will join us when we come back. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am PST
. grover norquist. we had an election and boehner was elected speaker now lame duck obama should get over it. >> okay, a boehner hasn't been -- boehner hasn't been elected to anything yet because there's going to be a fight between him and eric cantor coming up. >> stephanie: crazy cowboy, eric eric cantor. >> okay corral. and it won't be okay for you. it will be super okay for me because i moisturize. >> stephanie: oh, boehner boehner. ♪ ♪ i am just an orange boy ♪ ♪ i have squandered my influence for a pocketful of tax cuts for the filthy rich ♪ ♪ my eyes get wet still a man cries when he thinks about which fabric is the best ♪ ♪ on the house floor stands the boehner and he's whining constantly ♪ ♪ and the fiscal cliff reminds him of every vote that let him down ♪ ♪ as he cried out in his anger and his shame ♪ ♪ i'm weeping i am weeping but he still remains ♪ ♪ crying eyes ♪ ♪ crying eyes ♪ >> yea! rocky mountain mike. >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike never on vacation.
Jan 2, 2013 4:00pm PST
would have increased. so i'm not the only guy who thinks this. grover norquist thinks he got a great deal. he's using the 84%--it's 99% of people and 84% of tax revenue. >> keep in mind how many of a treat this is for the modern democratic party. the democrats have spent 12 years attacking the 2001-2003 bush tax cuts. they all voted against it. obama attacked it regularly. now they're out there helping to preserve that 84% of those tax cuts. and making them permanent. >> there you go. unfortunately, he's totally right. what happened? how did president obama get all these democrats oh those goddamn bush cuts. yes, we retained 99% of the bush tax cuts and for 84% of the revenue, yes, president obama what a great job. no that is a terrible job. norquist goes further and this is the main guy whose whole point is keeping tax cuts for the rich. good night. when the dems wake up, they'll wake up and realize they made the tax cuts permanent and lost their leverage for the next four years. i'm not the only one who thinks we lost leverage. we talked to pete defauzio today. >> the democrats los
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3